Copy of About Us

discomfort ZONE was birthed from an intense process of self-development which I underwent in order to achieve my greatest SUCCESS(ES). During and after a stunning process of self-discovery and growth I received the inspiration to describe the uncomfortable place I had to go to into order to achieve success as my "discomfort ZONE".

In the summer of 2017 it dawned on me that I could share this simple yet powerful idea to the world in the form of a clothing BRAND. It was a eureka moment that was responsible for the conception of Discomfort Zone LTD on 14/11/2019...

So I want to give you a welcome. I won't give you a warm one because comfort has a habit of leading to complacency and I don't believe that's what you're here FOR...
It has been over 2 years of trials, determination and moments of discomfort in the making. We are the: discomfort ZONE.

If you want success you're in the right PLACE.
founder and creative director of discomfort ZONE
P.S. In case you were wondering why we're branded all over with logos and text that is in lowercase-UPPERCASE format: it's because it goes against the grain and also caused me discomfort (as someone who's always been a stickler for correct grammar and capitalisation where possible). Haha, it also shows the trajectory of the lives of those who LIVE DISCOMFORTABLY. So why don't you join the movement today and achieve your dreams TOMORROW?