Our Story

who are WE?

discomfort ZONE was birthed from an intense process of self-development and striving for success. The brand embodies those distinct moments when a person denies themself of comfort to take hold of something BETTER. This only happens when a person realises that comfort is OVERRATED...
They dare to choose their discomfort ZONE. They trade a not so comfortable NOW, for a significantly more SUCCESSFUL LATER. We can call it the the "Law of discomfort ZONE":
YOU - comfort NOW (FAILURE) = discomfort ZONE (SUCCESS LATER).

who started dZ? - EFUE JIMAWO

discomfort ZONE was founded in November 2019 by Efue (Ef-way) Jimawo. dZ was conceived when Efue fully understood that in order to be the person he needed to be and get the things he wanted he had to treat comfort as an enemy and doing uncomfortable things as a PRIORITY. dZ began with a virtually non-existent start up budget, but is now the up and coming brand for those who are up on their way to GREAT SUCCESS. So, if you want success you're in the right PLACE...
Picture of discomfort ZONE founder
founder and creative director of discomfort ZONE
P.S. In case you were wondering why our brand uses a lower-UPPERCASE format: it's because it goes against the grain and shows the trajectory of the lives of those who choose discomfort ZONE (upWARDS). Join the dZ movement today and achieve your dreams TOMORROW!