what is the discomfort ZONE?

My heart says "don't do it". My head says "DO IT"...

My heart says "later". My head says "NOW"...

My heart says "take the easy way". My head says "take on the CHALLENGE"...

At any given moment the voice I choose to obey determines the outcomes I will achieve in times to come.

There is a clear separation. A clear distinction. Even if I try to ignor this fact, the results of my actions will always provide me with an undeniable account of whether I made the best decision - whether or not I took the right approach.

We have to make impactful decisions from the moment we wake to the moment we slumber every single day. For example...

It's 5:45AM and the alarm goes off. I'm aware of the array of tasks I need to perform in the day, but at the same time my body SCREAMS for just another 15 minutes of sleep. "Start at 6AM", "It's a round number", "You'll work better with some extra sleep". The list of thoughts that come to mind attempting to convince me of things that aren't true is quite humerus.

Haha in fact, there have been occasions where my mind was able trick me into thinking that I had actually started my morning routine (brushing my teeth, showering etc.) through a dream, while in reality I continued to get that so called 'extra sleep', only to wake up later surprised to find myself behind time or even running late.

And of course there are countless other examples of how taking the more convenient approach leads to an unwanted outcome. However, while making the more comfortable decision every now and again, or even more often probably won't completely hault ones progress on the journey to a successful life; it DEFINITELY will slow you down.

You might say "I can live with that as long as things are easier and I get to feel good". Nevertheless, that sense of ease and wellbeing is completely temporary. It will inevitably be followed by a sense regret, frustration as well as the pain of having to pick the preverbial pieces of the mess made by the 'easy' choices.

On the other hand, one of the most powerful phenomenons that a person can tap into (and what I personally strive for) is to find oneself in a constant state of doing what causes discomfort NOW in order to gain SUCCESS later. The most powerful thing about this is the compound effect that it has. The results of living in your discomfort ZONE everyday are exponential.

So simply put, the "discomfort ZONE" refers to the state where one sacrifices what is more comfortable and easier NOW to gain greater SUCCESS later.

And the beauty of it is that what's discomfortable for me isn't necessarily what's discomfortable for someone else. I choose to live in MY discomfort ZONE no matter what the cost.

What about you?
What's YOUR discomfort ZONE?
Are you ready to go there?

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