the JOURNEY part 2

(Please read "the JOURNEY part 1" if you haven't already before you continue :) ENJOY...)

After years of striving to be a somebody. I had to recognise that I was a nobody and the things that I wanted would NEVER just fall on my lap.

I had become accustomed to doing things a certain way for years. So I had to go through a rigorous process of unlearning my bad habits, beliefs and prejudices. I did this by closely examining the thoughts and motivations which I had previously overlooked and debunking them.

And eventually I became like a blank sheet of paper.

The slate was cleared and I was able to take on new habits. I really began to change from the INSIDE out.

Nevertheless, I got to a stage where although I had made progress it wasn't ENOUGH. I still needed to make the big jump from progress to SUCCESS.

...That's when I discovered the discomfort ZONE. The place of temporary discomfort for future SUCCESS. To be honest going there was HARD. It was also exciting, but mostly HARD WORK.

Either way, it was worth it. Once I started living in my discomfort ZONE that smaller progress I had been making quickly transformed EXPONENTIALLY.

I was able to do things that I had never dreamed of before. And because I was taking actions which directly went against how I felt everyday I gained a special type of confidence: the certainty that I would achieve my aims. It became like I could walk through brick walls. Nothing could stop me.

tiredness COULDN'T STOP ME. negative words COULDN'T STOP ME. discomfort COULDN'T STOP ME.

Back then, I didn't actually call it the discomfort ZONE haha, but that's exactly where I was and exactly where I needed to be to achieve my goals. So of course, in the end, I achieved my GREATEST SUCCESS.

Since then, I've never been the same. Today I am truly HAPPY. Today I am SUCCESSFUL. Today I am the closest I've ever been to being the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF...

...The same will only be said for you if you're willing to go to your discomfort ZONE.

P.S. I am well aware that I didn't specify what my "GREATEST SUCCESS" is. To find out more email me at

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